Why Don't Women Support Each Other?

Good morning ladies! Yesterday I gave a talk to several hundred women about reslience and overcoming professional failure. At the end of my talk, I took questions. The first question was posed by a woman who asked me "Why is it that women don't support other women in the workplace? Why do you think women struggle with this?"

A great question.

My answer yesterday got a round of applause, which tells me this is a universal issue that affects women in all areas.

I responded and told her my thoughts...women at the top are few. The stats don't lie. Most at the top are men. We see a few open spots for women and we subconsciously realize that there's not room for both of us. Perhaps years and years of women vying for a few spots, also trying to break the glass ceiling and ending up bruised and dejected don't help our enthusiasm. Also lots of other reasons.

I don't have all the answers but I do have a call to action I shared yesterday and thought I'd share here: 

Let's ACTIVELY support and VERBALLY sponsor and uplift other women in the workplace. Now. Today. 

Let's NOT voice outloud, or write in emails, or post NEGATIVE thoughts or feelings we have about other women. Save your disagreements and thoughts for one-on-one. Let's be examples for the next generation. Let's uplift one another and make EACH OTHER SHINE BRIGHT! Let's draw attention to the women trying, working, excelling, fighting, and scraping their way to do great things!

I love this group. You are all the lighthouses for other women, great examples of what can happen when women say YES - you are shining and keep doing so! to other women.

Keep it up ladies. You inspire me and others. All of you.