Have Doubts about Joining Us for Brave Enough 2018? Read This.

Last year when registration opened for the BE conference...I didn’t register. I didn’t think the conference was for me. I’m different. I don’t have a ton of girlfriends. I don’t shop that much, and I don’t even wear lipstick! Brave Enough...is not for me.

At the last minute the thought creeped into my head that maybe I should go. However, it was sold out. I reached out to Sasha, and there were 3 slots that had just opened up. So, I frantically called a couple of friends because I didn’t want to be the only one I knew there.

No one said yes.

So I went. By myself.

I was convinced I would be the only me there...the only one who came alone. The only one in my specialty. The only one who wasn’t in academia. The only this, and the only that...

I had felt like I needed a kick in the rear for a couple of months, and decided I was going to go to Nebraska to get it.

Nebraska! (You know I’m a New Yorker...and black right!?!)

With no hospital paying for the CME and no logical explanation to give my husband, I took that open spot and booked my flight and hoteI.

I went to the first BE conference not knowing what to expect...or knowing who I would even sit next to!

I left Nebraska...changed. 

Seriously though...it was amazing. It wasn’t a stuffy medical conference that I had to go to. It was the breath of fresh air that I needed and didn’t even know...and I got CMEs!

So don’t be like me last year and wait for the last minute. Just do it. Be open, honest and willing to do something for you. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone and see what all the BE talk is all about. You will make friends and have fun.

But most importantly you will realize that YOU need female docs who you don’t even know to hug you, to cry with you, to grow with you and to be Brave Enough with you!




Dr.  Sybile Val is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in solo private practice in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is passionate about helping her patients feel empowered during their plastic surgery journey and enjoys helping people re-connect with their inner as well as their outer beauty.  Whether its a procedure for aesthetic or reconstructive purposes, Dr. Val encourages patients to be as informed and mentally prepared as possible. 

Dr. Val is married...with children.  Her daughter Sydney is four years old, and her son Cilius is one. In her spare time, she enjoys movies, writing and theater, but she believes that nothing compares to a good laugh and hug from her husband, children or friends.  She loves living life on her terms and often says "I never thought I would be this awesome mommy/wife/doctor/friend, but here I am killing it!"

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ValPlasticSurgery/

Instagram: s.val_md