“Run, Run Fast” by Dr. Sybile Val

As I stand in my kitchen looking for a knife to cut an apple, I remember that iron has always sharpened iron. But what do you do if your sword no longer feels sharp? 

Run, run fast. And don’t look back.

Empowered individuals like to empower others. It really is just that simple. It takes a lot of strength to encourage and empower other individuals. Why, you ask? Because it means you must first look within yourself to figure out exactly who you are. Only after truly knowing and understanding yourself can you want the best for someone else, even as you struggle through your issues. 

You see, the challenges of life are not limited to the poor, weak or unsuccessful. We all get our equal share when it comes to life’s challenges. Our looking glass, the way we interpret these challenges, will determine if the challenge dulls or sharpens us. Our mindset will determine our riches, strengths and successes.

Truly empowered individuals think differently. They are always being sharpened, even when they appear to be dull. The empowered make it their job to empower others just as it is the job of the sharpened iron, to look for ways to remain sharp. That means getting in uncomfortable situations and coming out better. Not scarless, not bitter but most importantly, not dull. 

The empowered come out of every situation sharpened and sharper.

So why then did I start off by telling you to run? Because if at this point in your life you don’t find yourself surrounded by people who can sharpen you, you’ve either become dull or are dulling someone else. Either way, you need to run. Run so that you don’t find yourself in the same predicament as this knife I’m holding, you know, the one I was chopping this apple with. The once “go-to” knife that peeled apples, chopped onions and participated in every meal, is now in the back of the drawer almost forgotten. I’ve actually used this knife to stir honey in my tea! How can that be? How can an instrument once used with caution now function as a spoon? Easy, it was never sharpened. It became dull.

While running you will discover a couple of things. One, there are others running too and two, you will get to your destination faster.

So, are you still sharp?

Written by Dr Val during her run.

Inspired by Brave Enough to run.

S. Val, MD


Dr.  Sybile Val is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in solo private practice in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is passionate about helping her patients feel empowered during their plastic surgery journey and enjoys helping people re-connect with their inner as well as their outer beauty.  Whether its a procedure for aesthetic or reconstructive purposes, Dr. Val encourages patients to be as informed and mentally prepared as possible. 

Dr. Val is married with children.  Her daughter Sydney is four years old, and her son Cilius is one. In her spare time, she enjoys movies, writing and theater, but she believes that nothing compares to a good laugh and hug from her husband, children or friends.  She loves living life on her terms and often says "I never thought I would be this awesome mommy/wife/doctor/friend, but here I am killing it!"

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