What Are Your Current Vitals?

A few weeks ago I was listening to someone describe a woman I know, and they said "Did you know she used to weigh 200 pounds!?!?" 

Which actually had nothing, big fat zero, to do with the conversation.

It reminded me of times I've heard people say "Well, did you know so and so was married before?"

I am a physician. I went to school for umpteen years, seriously. Let me ask you this: would any of you ever say, "Oh my gosh! Did you know Sasha was a tenth grader once!"

No. When we think of people, we think of their highest degree, their current expertise. We think of what they have accomplished. What training or challenges they had to finish. What battle scars they endured to be who they were meant to be. And we are proud.

Why do we let our pasts define us? Why do we focus on others' pasts so much? When you arrive at your job each morning, do your coworkers or patients or customers (or childrenJ) care which route you took? No. They care you showed up. No one cares you stopped for gas or coffee or the gym. You are there: that's all that matters.

Our past makes us better, kinder, smarter, and wiser. It makes us harder, softer, stronger, and more flexible. But who we were 10 years ago does not define who we are NOW.

Do not live focused on your vitals from 10 years ago. No one that matters, in my opinion, truly cares (or should.)

Take your vitals now. Put your fingers on your current pulse. Make calls based on your current condition. And then move forward.

We must always move forward. ❤