Brave Enough 2017

Over a year ago I dreamt of bringing women physicians from all over the country together for a weekend of connecting, learning, encouraging, and resetting. I’ve been burned out, empty, and lonely in my career, and my passion is to help other women who may feel the same. I knew I needed help to do this, and I called on a few talented, brilliant, and smart women who said yes. Yes to the dream, vision, and mission of empowering and connecting women in medicine. 

This weekend 200+ women physicians from 43 states and Canada descended on Omaha, Nebraska for the first ever Brave Enough: Discovering Your Inner Moxie women’s leadership conference sponsored by the UNMC Department of Anesthesiology. Women from every medical specialty, every race, demographic, and age came together. We listened to amazing speakers on wellness, resilience, negotiation, work life integration, personal success, overcoming failure, style tips, women in the workplace and how to improve female relationships. We drank champagne in our PJs and laughed at stories. We met in small groups. We journaled and practiced mindfulness. We dressed up in amazing gowns and danced and celebrated one another. 

I can honestly say of all the things I’ve accomplished professionally, this weekend takes the cake. To bring together such brilliant, strong, and authentic women who all empowered and encouraged one another was better than any grant or award I’ve received, any paper I’ve published, any position I’ve ever won.  

I sit here tonight in awe of this weekend. I was humbled, honored and inspired.  I learned so much and I am so grateful. I am thankful for all the women who helped make my dream a reality, and who told me over and over when people didn’t think it would work, to not give up:  

And special thanks to my boss, Dr. Steven Lisco, who supported not just me, but 200 women physicians from all over the country. 

May we all be #braveenough.