2018 - Finish What You Started

I love the New Year. I love reflecting on the past and planning for the future. I love meditating on what I did well and what went wrong. And what I can do better going forward.


I have learned to not make a list of what I plan to start.


I have learned to make a list of what I plan to finish.


I don’t finish everything I started.


But I do finish the things that burn in my soul, the ones that bring me joy and the ones I have committed to do. I think this is so important. It’s about keeping promises to yourself.


Ask yourself: what finish line am I going to cross this year?


What task am I going to cross off as done?


What project am I going to put a line through as completed?


Those are the important questions.


As I reflect on 2017, this is what I have learned:


1.     I will not sacrifice my health for any measure of success.

2.     Authentic friendships are worth more than gold. Hold them tight.

3.     The most important thing you do is the very next step.

4.     You don’t have to fix everything. You just need fix the next thing.

5.     Laugh every day. Gratitude brings peace.

6.     Never be the smartest person in your circle. You want to learn from others.

7.     Decompressing every day is vital. It removes dirty water from your bucket.

8.     Recharging every week is vital. It fills your bucket up again with fresh water.

9.     You don’t have to show others you are right to sleep well at night. Do the right thing, and if you know, that is all that matters.

10. Spend time with people who disagree with you. You will be sharpened.


And finally, I have learned some hard but important truths this year, specifically as a woman who is trying to lead, and balance my family with my drive to innovate, create, and help other women.


In my humble opinion, as a woman, the single most threatening thing you can be is ambitious.


So you need to make sure that your ambition is in the right direction, that it is what God has placed within you, that it is honorable, and that it will bless others.


Because it is hard. But hard is normal, right?


Here’s to 2018! Let’s finish what we started!