White Coat Diary: A Day in My Life

My audience understands the struggle of being pulled in a thousand directions. It’s a constant battle of trying to get enough sleep, spend quality time with friends and family, work, exercise, eat healthy, do side projects, read, the list goes on. There are never enough hours in the day.

White Coat Diary on Doximity shared how I spend my days in and outside the hospital. The article details what I do from the time I get up to workout at 5 a.m. to when I (finally) go to bed at 10 p.m. Check the article out by clicking the link at the end. I’m sure you’ll relate to the exhausting, yet rewarding life of a mother and doctor. https://opmed.doximity.com/white-coat-diary-sasha-shillcutt-md-1b10554918eb