Mistakes Do Not Define Us

If you are parent, you likely know what this is.

As I was using a Mr. Clean eraser to get out a mark on a wall this week, I thought to myself, man, I wish I could use this to erase certain mistakes in my life.

Have you ever thought that about a past fail in your own life?  

“It would be so great if that never happened.” Or “Man, if I hadn’t made that choice, things would be different.”

Here’s thing: sometimes we have to reframe our past mistakes. Whether we like it or not, they aren’t going anywhere. They are part of our fabric. They are our story. But they don’t define us. 

Instead of trying to erase our past failures, let’s focus on what they have taught us. Have they made us more compassionate? Wiser? More understanding, more grateful?

Let’s remember our past mistakes do not define us. If we allow, they refine us.