One In A Million

I have beautiful Kate Spade pendant I wear most days in the operating room. On the front is my initial. On the back it says, “One in a million”.

Ever since the beautiful & talented Kate Spade died from suicide, this necklace makes me pause each morning.

How did the woman who seemed to have it all, not believe she was enough? How did she not realize … she was one in a million?

Mental illness is real. It is as real as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Many people, smart people, talented people, people like the amazing Kate Spade - suffer from mental illness. It’s easy to see when someone is suffering from physical pain. It’s much more difficult when one’s pain is mental or emotional.

I love a lot of people with mental illness. I don’t understand everything they are going through, and I am smart enough to know I can’t fix them. But I hope after I spend time with them, they know this: They are one in a million, and they matter.

Let’s remember to lift up each other. Rest in peace, KS.