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Overcome Burnout | Empower Yourself | Get Control



The Brave Enough CME Master Class 

Course Date: March 2, 2024 - May 25, 2024


When You Know Something's Gotta Change...

Life isn’t fair — but that doesn’t mean we have to settle.  

For far too long, women have picked up the slack at work and home — and still felt like we weren’t “enough.” Now it’s time to learn how to stand up and speak out. 

✨ Growing in deep self-awareness 
✨ Set clear boundaries
✨ Claim the space, acknowledgment, and compensation you deserve.

In Brave Balance, you will learn tools to live an empowered life and create a long-lasting work-life balance so you can have a life you love — and deserve — at work and home.  

You’re a high-performing professional woman.  

You want to do it all — and you often do! 

But something’s not working.  

You want more… 

  • More time for yourself.
  • More recognition. 
  • More satisfaction. 
  • More compensation.  
  • More passion. 
  • More life. 
  • More YOU. 

But you’re beginning to wonder if this is how it just is…  

You’re already overextended. Worn-out. Numb. Let’s face it: You’re exhausted, and you’re wondering how in the heck you would possibly find time to dive into your dreams, to create margin in your schedule, to sleep… to do anything other than be “Dr. Mom” or “Executive  Mom.” 

That’s where Brave Balance comes in!


Brave Balance is a proven process to create balance in the lives of professional women who feel overextended, tapped out, unappreciated, and just plain exhausted.  


Brave Balance participants have: 

✅  Improved work-life balance 

✅  Gotten exciting promotions 

✅  Established radical self-care routines that led to big gains in personal health 

✅  Changed careers  

✅  Launched entrepreneurial endeavors 

✅  Identified their life goals and purpose 

✅  Increased earnings 

✅  Identified unhealthy relationships at work and home  

✅  And, most importantly, SHOWN UP for themselves in their own lives! 

If you feel overlooked, exhausted, worn-out, taken for granted, or just plain INVISIBLE, Brave Balance is for you!



Starting March 2, 2024

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About Your Instructor
Hi, I’m Dr. Sasha Shillcutt!

I am a cardiac anesthesiologist, author, speaker, mom to four amazing kids, and wife to the love of my life, Lance.  

Five years ago, I was flailing. I was burned out, and I lacked healthy boundaries in my work life. I also was struggling to find the self-confidence to negotiate for and claim what I needed to help me live authentically as ME. It took some time, but I finally found myself again. And now, I want to help you do the same!  

I created the Brave Enough Master Class: Brave Balance in order to help high-performing professional women thrive in their daily work and home life. Over 200 women just like you have made HUGE changes in their personal and professional lives.   

You can be next! 


The Brave Balance Process: 

The Brave Balance Process is built upon three key principles: 

  1. You are not broken! There is nothing wrong with you, and working more hours (at work or at home) will not “fix” the issues you’re experiencing. 
  2. No external tool, schedule, planner, or system will magically create more hours in your day or make your boss finally notice your hard work. Instead, making hard decisions and setting healthy, effective boundaries is the key to finding balance and fulfillment as YOU define them. 
  3. Women are best able to equip and support other women. When we show up for each other, we show up for ourselves. 

Brave Balance is designed to help women physicians and other professionals: 

  • identify their professional and personal goals 
  • assess and identify workplace burnout 
  • recognize and effectively deal with on-the-job gender inequity, discrimination, and harassment
  • create and implement healthy work-life boundaries 
  • understand a growth vs. fixed mindset 
  • develop tools to negotiate and lead crucial conversations in their workplaces and communities. 

The course includes online weekly topics with specific outcome goals, a weekly study guide for attendees to complete self-study homework, and small group live sessions at the conclusion of each week for review and Q/A.

The curriculum is released in weekly modules, with each week building on the prior skills and topics. You must complete each week’s modules in order to move on to the next topic.

Enrolling now through March 2, 2024!
Course date: March 2, 2024 - May 25, 2024

What Others Say About Brave Balance: 

"I am prioritizing my life better since the master class. I am spending time reflecting and moving toward the life I wan for myself, my career, and my family. I feel like I am finding myself again, more confident, and setting boundaries to stay focused on the life I want to build. Truly a life changing class.”  - AMY ZERINGUE, 2022 BRAVE BALANCE STUDENT


"I am actually going through everything again as I uncovered so much in this course that I need to work on. I have significantly reduced my "I'm sorry" usage!”  - AMY RABATIN, 2022 BRAVE BALANCE STUDENT


“Class was amazing! Very thoughtful progression of curriculum. Live coaching sessions were extremely valuable.”  - VERONICA CARULLO, 2022 BRAVE BALANCE STUDENT

The Brave Balance Curriculum:  

Brave Balance is a 12-week course led by Dr. Sasha Shillcutt designed to help you overcome burnout, learn how to set healthy boundaries, and define your life goals.  

When you take part in the course, you’ll: 

  • increase your self-confidence 
  • change your mindset, 
  • address on-the-job issues including pay gaps, harassment, discrimination, and more.
  • learn how to live your priorities to create satisfaction and peace. 


Enroll Now


Once you enroll in the Brave Balance Master Class, here’s what happens… 

A week prior to the class, you’ll receive an invite to our online class modules. 

You will be added to a private Facebook group for accountability and encouragement. 

Then, on the first day of class, you will be able to access Week 1’s modules and homework and receive an invite to our first live event where we discuss each week’s topics for personal growth. 

The next class will start March 2, 2024, and includes:

  • Online Lectures (learn at your own pace) 
  • Guided Self-Work (reinforce your discoveries)
  • Small-Group Live sessions (grow exponentially)