Keyla Reece is Brave Enough

Keyla Reece, Certified Medical Assistant, Hope Mills, NC (nominated by Judit Andrea Staneata)

Keyla was diagnosed almost a year ago with stage 4 breast cancer. Watching her going through this challenging journey, has been a humbling and inspiring experience for all who know her.

Keyla is fighting for her life everyday, yet she still strives to give 100% in all that she does. Though she has more bad days than good ones, she finds the courage to talk openly about her fight to make others aware. That's what #KeylaKourage is about.

Keyla is a selfless person. Before she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, she was actively involved in an organization called " A Christmas to Remember," which has been raising funds and awareness for children with cancer and their families in the area. She helped sell tickets and offered any assistance necessary to make the event a success. At the last event, in December 2017, she spoke about her journey. Keyla continues to raise awareness about cancer in general, and stage 4 breast cancer in particular. 

Keyla is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. People see that despite her condition, she keeps going, so why can't they? She has never been one to let a situation define her, and stage 4 breast cancer is no different. She has reached many people near and far, whether it's sickness, relationship issues, or personal issues. When you see her, you see hope. That's enough inspiration to keep going and believing.

Sasha ShillcuttComment