We Are All Brave Enough

People often ask me how I manage to be a full-time mom, physician, writer, and speaker. They wonder how one person can manage to hold it all together and balance everything. Every time someone asks me, “How do you do it?”, I think of all of you #braveenough women. You are out there doing the same things I am doing. You are driving kids to soccer practice. You are writing manuscripts. You are conducting research. You are in the operation room for hours on end. Yet, until someone points it out, you often forget how hard you are working.

So…I have an idea. I want to spotlight women who likely consider themselves “just every day working women” - but who we know to be amazing.

This is what is inspires me: Women who are out there – working, doing their thing to lead, care for others, and support other women. This community is full of women who help their patients, their families, and their colleagues and are pretty spectacular. We have women in this group that run marathons, have adopted children, and who treat cancer. We have women who do trauma, transplant organs, and who sit with people every day and tell them they are dying. They do all of these things AND care for elder parents, children, pets, and their friends. We have women in this group who have overcome poverty, abusive relationships, addiction, and cancer.

We. Have. Amazing. Women. In. this. Community.

I want to do two things:

1.     Show the world what happens when women support other women. I am tired of the “girls are mean” mentality. This group is a great example of how women aren’t mean – we celebrate each other’s successes and help one another through rough spots. I want to show the world that women actually encourage one another!

2.     Share women’s stories. I want to encourage young girls to see we don’t have to compete with one another, and also to see the diversity, brains and beauty in this group!

So: How do you nominate?  Send an email to braveenoughcr@gmail.com with the following information:  

1.     A picture of the woman

2.     Name, Occupation, City/State (any other bio info you feel good to include – job title etc.)

3.     Permission to nominate the woman and for her to be posted on Brave Enough FB page and the www.becomebraveenough.com community page. You MUST get permission from her for submission.

4.     How does this woman define being Brave Enough in her everyday life? (2-3 sentences) Feel free to get quotes from the woman!

5.     How does this exemplify being brave enough by leading/serving/caring for others in work/community or home? (Can be colleagues, parents, family, patients, children, friends) 2-3 sentences

6.     How has this woman inspired, helped, encouraged you and or other women? (2-3 sentences)

Note: The woman does not have to be a physician! It can be any woman you feel is deserving.

Let’s shine a light on this amazing community and LIFT UP THE WORLD. I am serious. We can do this! You are all #braveenough!

Sasha ShillcuttComment