12 Week Master Class

12 Week Master Class


Date: March 8 - May 30, 2020

This a 12 week e-course led by Dr. Sasha Shillcutt designed to help you overcome burnout, learn how to set healthy boundaries, and define your life goals. You will increase your self-confidence, change your mindset, and learn how to live your priorities to find balance. The next class will start March 8, 2020 and includes: Online Lectures you can learn at your own pace, Guided Self-Work, & Small Group Live sessions to help you grow exponentially.

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Spring 2020 class: March 8th - May 30th 2020

The basic structure of this class is - Growth! It is a small group class meant to help you create a life of wellbeing while achieving. There will be a lecture to watch at the beginning of the week that will stimulate questions and challenge your current thinking during the week. You can ask questions in the a private Facebook group during week.  You will be challenged; you want to change. All of this takes movement from where you are.

Then, during the week you can do the homework within the lecture at your own pace. At the end of the week, there will be a live event recap. You can talk about what you’re struggling with, what you’ve learned, share “aha” moments, and encouragement – all in a private online group with your classmates. Don’t worry. If you can’t get online during the live event…it will be there for you to review later on your terms.

Then it is back to the lecture, to level up again!


•         12 week Online Class

•         Accountability & live event weekly Small Group Discussion via Private Facebook Group

•         Weekly Lecture posted online with audio 

•         Weekly Deep Dive Homework will be assigned to be completed on own 

•         Students will be able to ask Questions via Private Channel Group and will be responded to within 48 hours, M – F.


Tuition: $2000 for 12 weeks


·$100 non-refundable processing fee due at time of registration/application completion.

·Refund will be given up January 31, 2020, minus the processing fee. 

·No refunds for any reason will be given after February 1, 2020.

Master Class Testimonies Spring 2018:

“The Brave Enough Master Class is enlightening... it has helped me unlock my potential and showed me that all the answers I’ve been searching for are within me. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a personal revolution.” Dr. Tara Anderson, Pediatrician

“The Brave Enough Master Class is helping me become a more self-led, and purpose-driven leader. Part of the way through the course, the introspective look at myself and my journey, has already inspired me to be a more authentic leader.” Dr. Meg Alden, Pediatrician

"The Brave Enough Master Class facilitates you through a process of self discovery and achievement like no other course. Sasha is authentic, responsive and caring and has put together a curriculum that will help you to get out of your own way and work towards any goal. I highly recommend it! One of the best parts is it can be done from anywhere and on any schedule, all on your own time. If you feel stuck, like your life is leading you instead of you leading it, you won’t regret signing up.” Dr. Ellen Cooke, Radiation Oncologist

“The Brave Enough Master Class will make you cry, dig deep inside your soul, and question everything you thought you knew about yourself. It will not be easy but at the end you will have a better version of you. Highly recommend it!” Dr. Tatiana Arolli, Internal Medicine Physician

“The Brave Enough Master class taught me that we are all Brave Enough. We must harness the power within, push through our fears, and reach our highest potentials. This class is perfect for anyone whom is seeking their better self. It provides novel content, a flexible platform, and a "tribe" to brave the journey with. I know I will always remember this class as a pivotal life event that forever changed my course.” Dr. Casey Lewis, Pediatrician

“We all have a sense that there is more inside of us - more potential, more purpose, more that we want out of life - if only we could know what is holding us back, see what excuses we use to avoid being our best selves, and understand how to get out of our own way. Sasha coaches you through the hard conversations you have to have with yourself and inspires you to go beyond your current situation to get what you want but just couldn't seem to reach before. This is a unique opportunity - grab it!’ Dr. Anusha Streubel, Neonatologist

“BE master-course has helped me to define my goals and make a action plan on how to attain them. If you feel stuck or just unsure about your job, relationships, life this class can help. I would highly recommend to anyone.” Dr. Carey Andreoiu, Urogynecologist

“This class couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. It’s helped nudge me out of the survival phase of certain aspects of my life. It hasn’t been easy but it’s been worth every penny.” Dr. Laura Cashin, Internal Medicine Physician