HI! I’m Dr. Sasha Shillcutt!

I am a mom to four amazing kids, wife to the love of my life better known to me as HSG, & a cardiac anesthesiologist. I am an extrovert, writer, and lipstick & shoe addict. I founded Brave Enough, to help professional women avoid burnout and thrive in their daily work and home life.

Here’s the thing about burnout:

It sneaks up on you like a distant acquaintance.

Someone who just suddenly is there, & you get so comfortable with, it becomes your “normal”. 

You don’t realize that along the way, you’ve picked up a million other friends,
like stress,
feelings of failure,
unhealthy behaviors like over eating, not exercising,
withdrawing from healthy relationships,
lack of time outside,
overcommitment to things you do not actually enjoy,
& then ... bitterness & hiding. 

If you are heading toward burnout,
you will crash sister. I can tell you.

I know. I look back to the years of what I call my time in the desert,
& I’m still sad for what I lost.
I lost me. 

I hope if you’re struggling you know this: you are NOT ALONE.
There is hope, & you can change. consider joining my Master Class. I promise you,
there is a life for you where YOU are in the drivers seat, & you throw out all your unwanted “friends” & live -  free.

Join The
Brave Enough Master Class!


This a 12 week e-course led by Dr. Sasha Shillcutt designed to help you overcome burnout, learn how to set healthy boundaries, and define your life goals. You will increase your self-confidence, change your mindset, and learn how to live your priorities to find balance. The next class will start March 3,2020 and includes: Online Lectures you can learn at your own pace, Guided Self-Work, & Small Group Live sessions to help you grow exponentially.

Common Questions:

  • What is the Time commitment?
    1-1.5 hours weekly

  • How is the Class Structured?
    1 hour of work / week on own. 30 minute lecture you can listen to on your device, or computer audio + slides, followed by 30 minutes of a deep dive going inward with a study guide after each lecture on own. Then once a week, there is a 30 minute live event. It is recorded so if you cannot get on it during that time, you can still watch it later on your own time and comment and participate!

  • What Topics Are Covered?
    1 Intro/ Course Direction / Mindset
    2 Your Own Frenemy
    3 Fear Has A Name
    4 Confidence: Internal Check
    5 Defining The Right Goal
    6 Constraints - Internal / External
    7 Quit to Win: Your Out List = Self Care
    8 Internal Shero I: You as a Priority = Healthy Boundaries
    9 Internal Shero II: Difficult Conversations & Stepping Forward
    10 The Authentic You: How Others See You
    11 How to Handle Setbacks/Triggers
    12 Go Ahead & Launch/ Review / Eval

  • What are the highlights?
    Yes! You get to be in a small group of women just like you for accountability and encouragement. You will recieve all 12 lectures with audio to download and use on your own, plus the study guide. You also will receive "coaching live" with Sasha weekly.

  • What are some of the outcomes of the class?

    • Improved work life balance
    • Setting life goals and objectives
    • Establishing boundaries
    • Empowered voice
    • Improved self confidence
    • Weekly self-care