Master Class (non-refundable deposit)

Master Class (non-refundable deposit)


I am so excited to offer a 12 week master class for professionals hoping to excel in their career!  I have been coaching women individually for a year, and I am thrilled to launch this new curriculum in a group format. Over the course of 12 weeks, the class will dive into how to find and achieve our purpose and goals. Don't miss this chance to learn about yourself and further your career!

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    This is just the non-refundable deposit for the class. We created another product, where you will pay for the remainder of the course. If you pay for the deposit (only 25 available at a time), then we will email you the link and password you need to purchase the rest of the class. 

    The class will include:

    • 12 week online private coaching class led by Sasha Shillcutt, MD
    • Small, private group for accountability
    • Weekly online lecture over topics such as: The Science of Confidence, Taming Your Internal Frenemy, Overcoming Fear, Moving on from Setbacks, Defining your Goals, Choosing Yes and Choosing No. (done at your own time/pace)
    • Online secret chat group for you to post questions and for accountability
    • Weekly follow up live event with Sasha to chat after lecture on your own time (if you miss, can access and review the event when it is convenient.)
    • Weekly journal assignments for personal growth and to become UNSTUCK

    The class will be limited to 25 women, so that we can get to know one another and so that each woman can focus on her goals and participate. Everything will be online. You can do it at your own pace. We will have a weekly pace, lecture + homework + live chat, so you can hold yourself accountable and move forward!

    If you have a goal, personal or professional, that you just can't seem to find the courage or focus to move forward, this class is for you. The great thing is we will also FIND our goals, discover our purpose, and move forward to make them a reality.

    The class is meant for you to commit to yourself. 12 weeks of personal growth and focus - this is a rarity, and I realize it, that is why I am doing this class. We commit to everyone but ourselves. So are you ready?