More Than One

Changing the Status Quo: More than one woman candidate, more than one woman at the table, more than one woman on the panel.

  • FACT: If 1 out of 4 job candidates is a woman, that woman has a ZERO percent chance of being selected for the position. (This study looked at 598 applicants vying for a leadership position in academia).¹

  • FACT: If the number rises to 2 of 4 job candidates being women, the chance of a woman being selected increases by 79%.²

  • FACT: Diversity improves ideas and innovation.³

  • FACT: Diversity improves the bottom line.⁴


What is the More Than One movement by Brave Enough? 

It is a mission based on one singular action to increase ethical leadership and improved practices for us all: if you want to make a difference in your environment, assure there is more than one woman included where decisions are being made. Invite more than one woman to sit the table. Interview more than one woman candidate. Ask more than one woman to speak on the panel. Recruit more than one woman into leadership positions. 


Why does the More Than One movement by Brave Enough matter? 

When women and under-represented minorities have only one voice at the table, their voice is less likely to be heard, and their ideas are less likely to be attributed to them. When they are the only woman candidate selected to interview for a job position, they have a zero percent chance of being elected, which creates a negative feedback loop. Women receive the message they won’t be promoted or selected, and may be less likely to engage as a candidate again.

FACT: US companies with 3 or more women directors report earnings 45% higher per share than those with no women directors.⁵

FACT: Companies with a higher percentage of women in executive positions have a 34% higher total return to shareholders.⁶

FACT: The Peterson Institute for International Economics researched  21,980 firms from 91 countries and found this: Women at the C-Suite level significantly increases net margins (30% women leaders at top = 15% boost in profits).⁷ 


More than one

I walk in the room and sit down. People are taking their seats, grabbing last-minute coffees from the station in the corner of the room. A hustle and bustle. I look around the room and realize – I am the only woman. 


This is a common occurrence, being the only woman. Many times, there is another woman; however, she’s not a physician. She is a support staff, an administrator, or a nurse.

But often, I am the only woman physician leader… read more.

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