Understanding You: Move from Conflict to Confidence with The Brave Enough Enneagram Course 2023

The Enneagram is a simple, fun, and powerful tool for understanding yourself and others, and improving your relationships at work and home.

Go from confusion and conflict to confidence, calm, and increased closeness in your relationships at work and home.When you understand why you do what you do, and why others act the way they do, you can lead teams and yourself with more clarity and peace

What You Will Gain:

  • Clarity about your unique core motivations
  • Greater understanding of self and others, leading to calm and peace in relationships
  • Understanding your core fears and longings, and why you take the actions you do
  • Confidence - there is nothing wrong with you!

How The Course Works:

  • Online curriculum, go at your own pace!
  • Everything recorded for ON-DEMAND replay.
  • LIVE course check-ins and coaching with Sasha!
  • Small group, safe environment. 


$499.00 USD