A Conversation on Editing Your Life with Dr. Susie Pitt

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 “If you’re on social media, doors can open a lot sooner. It levels the playing field.” Dr. Susie Pitt   

Episode 49: A conversation on Editing Your Life with Dr. Susie Pitt  

 In this episode of The Brave Enough Show, your host, Dr. Sasha Shillcutt talks with Dr. Susie Pitt, an endocrine surgeon and researcher at the University of Wisconsin. Sasha and Susie talk about how small, courageous steps lead to impactful changes in the lives of ourselves and others. You do not want to miss this episode! 

Sasha and Susie get real and talk:   

  • Overuse and medical waste in medicine 

  • Being emotional at work 

  • Going viral with the #NYerORCoverChallenge 

  • You, 2.0 aka rewriting your story 

Grab a cup of coffee & Enjoy!  


Twitter: @susieqp8  Instagram: @susieqp8 (S Pitt)  Facebook: Susie Pitt  Website:  https://www.surgery.wisc.edu/staff/susan-pitt/

Twitter: @susieqp8

Instagram: @susieqp8 (S Pitt)

Facebook: Susie Pitt

Website: https://www.surgery.wisc.edu/staff/susan-pitt/

Susan C. Pitt, MD, MPHS, FACS is a board-certified Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health who specializes in endocrine surgery. Dr. Pitt completed her residency and a one-year fellowship in Abdominal Organ Transplantation and Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery at Washington University in St. Louis followed by an Endocrine Surgery fellowship at Brigham and Women’s and Massachusetts’s General Hospitals. She also received a Master’s degree in Population Health Science from Washington University in St. Louis. Dr. Pitt is an NIH-funded health services researcher who focuses on reducing overtreatment of patients with thyroid cancer. She holds national leadership positions in the Association of Academic Surgery and the Association of Women Surgeons. In 2018, Dr. Pitt was awarded the American Medical Women’s Association Exceptional Mentor Award for her work mentoring undergraduate students interested in careers in medicine. She is passionate about achieving equity for women surgeons and other women in medicine. In April 2017, she initiated the #NYerORCoverChallenge, a worldwide social media movement that highlighted gender inequities in surgery and medicine. Dr. Pitt speaks frequently to physicians and residents about diversity, wellness, and addressing challenges faced by women, including burnout. She will be chairing a Women in Surgery Conference (WISC) in May 2020.

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