Authentic Friendships Part 4: The Power of Diverse Friendships 

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Episode 47: Authentic Friendships Part 4: The Power of Diverse Friendships 

“We are secure in ourselves, so we are secure in each other.” - Dr. Mina Lee 

In this episode of The Brave Enough Show, your host, Dr. Sasha Shillcutt chats with her dear friend, Dr. Mina Lee, a urologist in Denver and small business owner of The Style Clique. The two discuss the reality of having friendships when you are a different stages of your life. In this four-part series, these ladies hold nothing back as they discuss the truth about girlfriends and the importance of showing grace.  

In this Episode: 

  • How life changes can change friendships 

  • How to respect differences & stay friends 

  • How to support friends through rough times 

  • How friends can have different lives but remain so close! 

Grab a cup of coffee & Enjoy!  


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Dr. Mina Lee is a board-certified urologist in Denver, Colorado. She has been in practice for 15 years. She has a special interest in female urology and women's pelvic health. Dr. Lee received her medical education at the University of South Florida and completed her urology residency at the University of Colorado. Dr. Lee is also passionate about helping women maintain and regain confidence through personal style and is the founder of The Style Clique, a Denver-based personal styling business. She has served on the planning committee for the Brave Enough conference for the past 2 years and is honored to be involved and speaking at the conference again this year.

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