Saving our Kids and Teens from Suicide with Dr. LuLu   

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Quote: “If I can save one teen, I have done my job.” Dr. Uchenna Umeh 

Episode 24: Saving our Kids and Teens from Suicide with Dr. LuLu   

In this episode of The Brave Enough Show, your host, Dr. Sasha Shillcutt speaks with pediatrician and mental health warrior Dr. Uchenna Umeh known to her patients as Dr. LuLu on her own story of resilience and how she has changed her career to focus on speaking to kids and teens on mental health.  

Dr. Shillcutt and Dr. LuLu get real and talk:  

  • Her story as a young physician starting her career 

  • Serving in the Air Force and overcoming stereotypes 

  • Challenges as a single parent 

  • Being a voice for mental health in kids and teens 

  • Embracing your unique calling as a physician  

Grab a cup of coffee & Enjoy!  


Dr. Uchenna Umeh or Dr. Lulu as her patients fondly call her is a Nigerian born board certified Pediatrician with nearly 30 years of clinical experience. She likes to call herself a Momatrician and a Grand Doctor to all her patients she has “adopted” along the way.   

She attended Ahmadu Bello University Hospital for medical school in Nigeria and obtained her pediatric residency training at Howard University Hospital Washington D.C. Soon after completion she started her private practice in Lancaster SC where she practiced for nearly 15 years. This was when she first experienced a patient complete suicide.   

Following a divorce, she suddenly she found herself a single mother of three sons. She ended up selling her beloved practice, joining the United States Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel and moved across the country with her children to San Antonio Texas. There she served as Commander and Medical Director at Lackland AFB. After completing her 4year contract with the Air Force and receiving an honorable discharge, she worked with a large multispecialty group practice until September 2018. After she noticed a disturbing trend; more and more of her patients were beginning to present to her office with depression, anxiety, self-harming behavior and suicidal thoughts, and they were getting younger and younger, she resigned from her job to pursue a new path in public speaking.   


She has now dedicated her life and her voice to creating awareness for mental health issues in children, teens and young adults, especially in the minority community. She helps parents and their children navigate the muddy waters of bullying and depression, so they do not end up in the cruel hands of suicide. Her website is   

She has been featured on Radio shows like Seeta with Friends 1510 WWBC, U of Chicago Medicine 1690AM-MVON”, The On Air Advocate, The Wholist, Black Entrepreneur Experience, MD Monthly Magazine, The Texas Medical Association Monthly magazine,, Licensed to Live Podcast, and many more. She blogs at, and has a weekly Facebook Live series at 2pm each Sunday on AskDoctorLulu. As a public speaker, she has given National Keynote Adresses at the Black Doctoral Network 6th annual convention, The Enchanted Hearts Alzheimer’s disease Fundraiser to name a few, but her favorite place to speak is at schools where she has one-on-one contact with children and teens.   

Her hobbies include "storytelling" (she is a budding author looking forward to her first book release early next year, and she blogs at, she loves working out, reading, gardening and dancing. She lives in San Antonio with her wife and life partner, Linda, their three sons (two of whom are now in college) and their Rat Terrier mix, Lulu.  

She can be reached on all social media platforms as Uchenna Umeh or Doctor Lulu.  

Twitter: @uchennaUmeh9 

Facebook:  @askdrlulu 

Instagram:  @askdrlulu 

Link to Dr. Lulu’s latest publication: 

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