How to Improve Your Sleep Health With Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg 

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 “Sleep is not optional and healthy sleep must be learned.” 

Episode 50: How to Improve Your Sleep Health With Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg 

In this episode of The Brave Enough Show, your host, Dr. Sasha Shillcutt speaks with author and sleep expert Dr. Lynelle Schneeberg, a pediatric sleep psychologist and assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine. Sasha and Lynelle talk sleep loss, getting kids to sleep (and stay there!) and the importance of sleep recovery. Need some more sleep? Tune in! 

Sasha and Lynelle discuss: 

  • Sleep Training Your Child 

  • Teens and the Phone 

  • Clocksetters 

  • Sleep Deprivation in Medicine 

  • How to Correct Sleep Loss 

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Dr. Schneeberg is a pediatric sleep psychologist, an assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine and the director of the behavioral sleep program at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. As a fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, she is one of only about 200 board-certified sleep psychologists in the country. She is also a mom of three, so she knows both professionally and personally how important it is to help kids become great sleepers.

Most sleep books are aimed at parents of babies and toddlers but her book, Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach: The Bedtime Doctor’s 5-Step Guide, Ages 3-10, was written for the parents of school-age children. A striking 80% of preschooler parents say that their children’s sleep needs improvement, but these parents can’t use the sleep methods that work for babies. Their children can walk and talk, and this can make the process much more complicated. 

Her 5-step guide was developed from years of experience working with families and from her training in sleep medicine, so it is both evidence-based and experience-based. She enjoys helping parents teach their kids to become great sleepers and wrote the book to share her secrets with a wider audience.

Because it can be so difficult to teach older kids to be great sleepers, some parents consider hiring a sleep coach. With her step-by-step guide, they won’t need to. Parents make wonderful sleep coaches once they know exactly what to do. Become Your Child’s Sleep Coach helps parents teach their kids how to fall asleep easily and independently in their own beds and stay there throughout the night. 

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