Using Your Voice to Empower Yourself & Others with Abbie Syrek

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Quote: “How we speak is a choice; it is the single most empowering vehicle we have to empower both ourselves and others.” Abbie Syrek, Communication Expert  

Episode 26: Using Your Voice to Empower Yourself & Others with Abbie Syrek 

In this episode of The Brave Enough Show, your host, Dr. Sasha Shillcutt, speaks with Abbie Syrek, a speech professor and voice coach at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Abbie shares tips for how women can embrace their authentic voice and empower others in the process.   

Dr. Shillcutt and Abbie get real and talk:  

  • Your Communication Style is a Choice  

  • Finding Your Voice as Women 

  • What to do With Your Emotional Voice 

  • How to Handle Interrupters and Backlash 

  • Using Communication to Strategically Empower Others 

Grab a cup of coffee & Enjoy!  


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Abbie M. Syrek is the Director of Forensics (competitive speech) and a lecturer in the School of Communication at the University of Nebraska Omaha. An expert in public speaking and performance, Syrek has coached the storied UNO MavForensics program since 2006. Under her direction, the team has risen to national heights, has produced 7 national champions, and has consistently been ranked as one of the best competitive speech programs in the country, placing 6th in 2018. Syrek was also instrumental in helping UNO form its TEDxUNO series. She has taught public speaking and debate in China and traveled to Dubai and India to develop Communication Studies programs for Balkh and Kabul Universities of Afghanistan. Abbie has received numerous campus, regional, and national awards in regard to coaching and teaching. Abbie is passionate about helping people improve their lives through communication. By strategically understanding how communication functions, she believes people can transform their lives and elevate their personal and professional happiness. Abbie is originally from Decatur, Nebraska and returns often to visit family and friends. She has a Master of Arts degree from Kansas State University and her Bachelor of Arts from UNO. 

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