BE 2021 Conference

After a heck of 2020 and 2021, are you feeling disconnected, exhausted, overwhelmed, or otherwise out of balance? (If so, you’re not alone…!) 

It’s understandable if you’re feeling that way… but you don’t have to STAY there!  
And I’ve designed a special FREE teaching series to help you take a deep breath and tap into some much-needed self-care!   Join me for a live FREE 2-part teaching series - From Setbacks to Comebacks and sign up below.

From Setbacks to Comebacks:

Create your most empowered 2022!

Sign up once and get an invitation to join both sessions PLUS a replay link in case you can't join us live.

It’s time to transform your professional and personal life.  

You’re a high-performing professional woman.  

You want to do it all — and you often do! 

But something’s not working.   

You want more… 

  • More time for yourself. 
  • More satisfaction.  
  • More passion. 
  • More life. 
  • More YOU. 

But you’re beginning to wonder if this is how it just is…  

You’re already overextended. Worn-out. Numb. Let’s face it: You’re exhausted, and you’re wondering how in the heck you would possibly find time to dive into your dreams, to create margin in your schedule, to sleep… to do anything other than be “Dr. Mom” or “Executive  Mom.” 

That’s where Brave Balance comes in! 

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