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Helping women physicians, professionals, and mothers overcome burnout, take control of their calendars, and create daily time for themselves.

3 Things Every Woman Physician Needs to Stay Well

Here are my TOP 3 TIPS for you - a woman physician - to stay in control of your work and home life.  Despite what is going on around you.

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Need More Time In Your Day?

I can help.  As a physician, author, entrepreneur, and mom of four, the SECRET to my health and success is not doing more yoga or eating Keto... It's how I manage my time. 

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Brave Balance Master Class

A 12 Week Masterclass to overcome burnout, set healthy boundaries, and define your life goals. You will learn tools to live an empowered life and create a long lasting work-life balance.

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Sasha's greatest passion is encouraging others to achieve well-being in their professional and personal lives.  She speaks frequently on the topics of professional burnout, resilience, and gender equity.

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 Tired? Overwhelmed? Burned out?
Feeling like you are constantly failing?
It’s not you, it is the system.
Let me teach you how to overcome it!

Hi There

I'm Dr. Sasha Shillcutt.

Successful Anesthesiologist. Wife to a great husband. Mom to four amazing kids. Roles as a daughter, sister, friend…BUT IT WASN’T ENOUGH.

I couldn’t understand why — despite all my external achievements — I was so miserable. I was exhausted, overcommitted, and empty. It took me a lot of self-reflection and hard work, but I came to understand that I had been hiding. I’d lost my authentic self, and it was time to find that real Sasha again.

And when I did, I became committed to helping women walk their path back to themselves. Now, I reach tens of thousands of women annually through my podcast, courses, events, book, and membership community.

As a female physician life and career coach, I am creating the tools and community I wished I had for so many years. Together, we are redefining “success,” and learning to put ourselves at the center of our lives. We’re discovering who we were created to be in all our fullness and beauty.

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Are you a working woman or female physician who is struggling to find balance in your life? Are you feeling burned out from constantly juggling your work life and home life and failing everywhere?

Then you've come to the right place. As a female physician life and career coach, I have a variety of resources to get you started from an amazing community of female physicians and professional women, Enneagram courses that help you better understand your core motivations, and conferences and retreats where we bring together strong women leaders in healthcare to discuss topics that affect all of us.


Join our society for physician women to gain work-life control through CME courses and community.

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Check out our exclusive conferences, retreats, and events created specifically for women physicians by women physicians.

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New Book: Brave Boundaries

Strategies to Say No, Stand Strong, and Take Control of Your Time

This Book Will Teach You How To:

Protect your mental health while providing opportunities for joy and growth.
Learn to say no to others and say yes to yourself.
Implement boundaries so you can live an empowered and peaceful life.
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Women can be feminine and formidable.
We can lead revolutions one minute and comfort those who follow us the next.

Dr. Sasha Shillcutt