BE 2024 Conference

I Teach Women in Medicine How to Take Care of Their Lives Without Sacrificing Their Career or Personal Life

I'm Dr. Sasha Shillcutt. I'm a physician, gender equity researcher, speaker, author, wife, mom of four amazing kids, and Founder/CEO of Brave Enough. 


I founded Brave Enough after a successful career climb as a clinical scientist and national expert. Despite my professional success, I found myself empty and deeply lonely. So... I started a community! Women need each other and we're at our best when we are showing up for ourselves and each other.


Through my book, talks, courses, coaching, membership site, and in-person events, I have inspired tens of thousands of women to believe in themselves and their innate value. I have taught women in medicine to take control of their time and, in doing so, take back control of their life. 


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While I have published over 50 peer-reviewed articles (including ones in JAMA & the NEJM), and am a TEDX Speaker, my greatest passion is empowering and encouraging women to be #braveenough in their professional and personal lives. Leadership and lipstick are not mutually exclusive! 


If there's just one thing I can leave with you, it's this: you belong. 


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