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Sasha’s Thoughts on Wellness, Women in the Workplace, Motherhood, and Medicine.

How Investing Time in My Personal Growth Enhances My Roles as a Mom and Doctor Aug 25, 2023

In the fast-paced world, we live in, it is ridiculously easy to feel swamped and overwhelmed with all the responsibilities that seem ceaseless. For me, the task of seamlessly managing the intricate roles of being a devoted mother and a dedicated woman physician can indeed present itself as an...

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What I am Learning in this Season of Motherhood Apr 06, 2022

Launching a child is similar to the stress of bringing home a newborn. 
No one has told me this. 
Or perhaps they did, and I didn't listen. 

If you are a mom of a senior, I get you. 
I am you. I am struggling. I am sad. I am excited. I am exhausted. I am overwhelmed.
I am scared....

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