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What I am Learning in this Season of Motherhood

classof2022 graduation momofseniors momsofseniors motherhood parenthood physicianmom seniormom seniors senioryear womeninmedicine womenphysicians Apr 06, 2022

Launching a child is similar to the stress of bringing home a newborn. 
No one has told me this. 
Or perhaps they did, and I didn't listen. 

If you are a mom of a senior, I get you. 
I am you. I am struggling. I am sad. I am excited. I am exhausted. I am overwhelmed.
I am scared. Every day is a constant reminder of the reality that is setting in. 

You spend nearly two decades loving, disciplining, caring, worrying, teaching, watching, cheering, & comforting. Late nights. Early morning. Heartache. Pride. Joy. Fear. A love so deep you can't describe. 

If you are like me, a mom with a demanding career, you find yourself asking, "Did I love him enough?" "Was I there enough?" "Did I teach him enough to face all the hurt the world will bring?" "Did I show him how to find joy even in the deepest sorrow?" "Does he know I will always be here for him no matter what comes his way?" 

I am not sure. As I face my firstborn leaving, I am conflicted with equal parts joy for his future, and fear I have somehow missed the mark. The truth is, I want him to go, but I want to walk with him every step of the way as if somehow, I can protect him from what I know he must experience on his own. 

As I oscillate between the constant doubt of whether I am over parenting or under parenting these teens into adults, this I know to be true: 

I need grace. Just as I did when I brought 8 pounds of him home with no idea how to nurse or get him to sleep, I need kindness, grace and support. I appreciate those around me who check in and say "How is it going?" and my mom who tells me, "You are doing a great job!". I think we all need a daily reminder that while there are no perfect parents, we are the perfect parents for them

Moms of seniors, I see you. I am sending you this one message: Well done. You are an amazing mom, and they have what they need. Grace, sister. Grace. 

Know a mom of a senior? Show her some love and tag her here. She likely needs it. 

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