Confessions of an Anesthesiologist

I am on my first week of vacation with my kids since last August. It's nothing I'm proud of - in fact, I'm ashamed of this fact...I'm entering conference travel season, and I've been dreaming of a week away from the hospital for months. Our cardiac anesthesia team is short - getting vacation is like finding a black chevron Chanel mini.

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#metoo Medicine

In the aftermath of the incredible courage shown by so many women during the #metoo movement, one of the most critical things we must do is to continue the conversation, friend to friend, colleague to colleague, leader to leader.

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An Accidental Mentor

Several years ago I was on my way to pick up my son from preschool before doing an overnight shift at the hospital. As I approached a stoplight, I saw a car speed through the intersection and strike a pedestrian walking his dog.  I knew instantly the man was seriously injured.  I pulled my car over and rushed to help.

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No Foul

My boys often get fouled. Sometimes a player goes a little too far, and the foul seems intentional. Words are muttered, elbows are thrown, trips from behind occur.

As a parent, I have seen my boys get fouled, and foul right back.

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The Last Whisper

As a cardiac anesthesiologist, there are times I care for patients who are faced with a tough decision: to take their chance on a very high-risk surgery, or let nature take its course.  It is in these times I feel most humble and most human, as I may be the last one to hear the last words they speak.

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