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My Battle: Frozen Car Disease

If anyone has similar experiences while pulling into your garage, please let me know. I am interested in studying this unknown disease and figuring out ways to combat it. Surely, somewhere, there is someone who pulls in, jumps out of his or her car with total glee, walks in and says “Honey! I’m home!”


For the rest of us, there is hope. It’s called retirement. And graduation. In the meantime, I’ve stashed dark chocolate almonds in the console of my car.

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Forget the Laundry

After my second child was born, I realized a harsh truth:


I could not be everything to everyone.


It took me almost 30 years to understand this. I was working as a full-time physician with unpredictable hours. I was trying desperately to make it all work; juggling hospital burdens with the ever-demanding job of being a mother. 

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Fighting Burnout: Being Whole

I was approaching 24 hours in the hospital and waiting for my partner to come into my operating room so we could do “hand-off”, where I spend 15 minutes going over all of the events of the surgical case and explain my patient’s health history, his current status, my current treatment strategies, the heart ultrasound findings, and our plan for the rest of the case. As I was awaiting my colleague’s arrival, I received a text from my son.

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