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A Weekend Retreat: The Best Burnout Prevention

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When was the last time you took a weekend retreat? For me, they have been a part of my burnout prevention plan and something I have found critical to my wellbeing. 

What is a Retreat? 

A retreat is a way of stepping from our day-to-day living to reflect, renew, and recenter oneself. Maybe you're familiar with a work retreat, or a team-based retreat, to cultivate growth, develop skills, and establish a sense of community beyond the four-walls of our businesses and classrooms. For me, I have found that retreats have become eye-openers for me for what I want to do with my life, and more importantly…what I must STOP doing. Retreats help me to reevaluate my decisions and use my voice to help others. I shed some tears during them often, but I always leave feeling better. 

Why Do You Need One? 

There will be moments in our lives where we will feel tired, confused, exhausted, and all other things that spark negativity. You are not alone. I too sometimes feel the same, and it’s normal. But my secret weapon will always be to schedule a little weekend retreat for myself. It’s my kind of relaxation, slow moment, and my reward for all the week’s handful of work I get to accomplish. It will always be these weekends that I always look forward to. Whether I plan to spend it with my family, my friends, our cute little pup Gus, or just by myself, it will always feel satisfying and fulfilling. Retreats are therapy for me! 

Have One for Yourself 

And now that we are nearing the holidays, all weekends are laid out. I can’t believe there are only a few days left until 2022 is out of sight. I challenge you to take a minute and plan out your weekend retreat and dedicate precious time to yourself. You deserve it. Use those days to breathe, slow down, and reflect.  

Now, got plans over the weekend? Spend time with me on The Brave Enough Show Podcast to learn more about how you can reevaluate and reinvent yourself, whether it is parenthood, setting boundaries, or even burnout, I got you, girl! 

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