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How Will 2023 Look Different for You? Hereโ€™s 5 ways to prioritize your goals

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Just like that, we are finally closing the year 2022. I am proud of all the boundaries you set for yourself, all the progress you made, and all the changes you fully embraced this year. Look at you now, growing and thriving with grace!

1. What’s Your Mantra in 2023?

As the year 2023 enters, let your mindset be: New Year, New You, New Boundaries Needed.

I know it can be a bittersweet feeling to let go of the memories you’ve had this year, as there will always be room for anxiety and uncertainty as the new year approaches. I got you. We cannot predict what is in store for us in this brand-new year, but we CAN have hope, positivity, and grace to face bravely the obstacles that may come our way. One thing I love to tell myself when I am anxious about the future is, “do the next, brave thing.”

This year has been a rollercoaster ride for me and has been one of the busiest years I’ve had to date. During some of my lows and difficult times, I didn’t always understand why I needed to experience inconvenient and unfortunate moments. Still, now, as I look back, it has all made sense - it’s all part of the process where I get to heal, understand, grow, and learn. Those times made me braver, wiser, and better. Those ugly moments in my life made me appreciate and be grateful for the beautiful moments I got to experience. This year, I learned to look beyond one perspective. I learned to be mindful of my words, actions, and boundaries.

In 2023, just like what I truly believe in, I want you to focus on yourself. There will always be room for self-growth, self-improvement, and self-love. Let the new year bring out the new you that you deserve and long for.

2. Hello, New Boundaries

It's important to set new boundaries for yourself as the new year begins. This could simply mean setting time limits for specific day-to-day activities and tasks, as well as being mindful of how you spend your energy. Try to consider what you need to let go of to make room for more productive, meaningful, and rewarding activities.

In terms of relationships, this could mean being mindful of how much of your time you devote to certain people, as well as setting clear limits and boundaries about what is and isn't acceptable. It also implies setting aside radical time for yourself to make room for self-care and reflection. Remember that it's okay to make YOU a priority in the new year. Remember that it's okay to commit to yourself and to be mindful of your boundaries as the new year begins.

Here are some simple ways to set boundaries for yourself in 2023:

1. Respect my time - Always make time for myself and prioritize my own needs.

2. Speak my truth - Be truthful and authentic in my interactions with others.

3. Set limits - Respect my physical, mental, and emotional limits and know when to say "no."

4. Recognize my values - Make decisions that always reflect my values and beliefs.

5. Respect others - Be mindful of how my thoughts, words, and actions affect other people's feelings.

6. Indulge in self-care - Make time for activities that bring me joy and peace, and replenish my mind, body, and soul.

3. From Deflect to Reflect

In 2023, aside from setting your boundaries, learn to reflect instead of deflect. We cannot prevent things that will always put us off-guard into something way beyond our control, and deflecting might cause more harm than good. Instead of brushing and putting things aside, learn to take the time to face it and reflect on yourself and the situation. Reflecting on our thoughts and physical and emotional needs will always teach us to be mindful and transform something unpleasant into something beautiful.

If you are guilty of deflecting criticism and negativity, try to reflect on it and use it to learn and grow. Maybe you can take a step back and think about how to use the situation to help you become a better version of yourself. Try to consider why it happened, what you could have done differently, and what you can do differently in the future. In 2023, with The Brave Balance CME Master Class, we’ll navigate your way through by focusing on learning and growth amidst life’s chaos and adversity. If you need a reset, or some accountability to change, this class is for YOU.

10 Thoughts to Ponder in 2023

Let us all be optimistic that the year 2023 will bring something amazing for us. I am beyond excited about what more I can share with you and our thriving community. As we end the year 2022, take some time to reflect and reconnect.

Here are some things that I ask myself as I prepare for a new year. I encourage you to schedule some self-reflection time to do the same:

1. What am I most proud of for the last year?

2. What am I most disappointed in?

3. What am I dreading in 2023, and why?

4. What do I need to let go of in 2023?

5. What do I need to do for my well-being in 2023?

6. What do I need to forgive myself for?

7. What makes me excited for 2023?

8. What am I grateful for?

9. What do I need to practice work-life balance?

10. What are my goals for 2023?

This is the right time for you to pause and ponder these things. With all the twists and turns we have had this year, we tend to be affected mostly by negative things and forget to appreciate all the good things that happened to us. All those good things that happened to you made your 2022 journey rewarding, and in the end, it was all worth it. You endured, suffered, and survived, and I am proud of you.

4. Change is Good

Okay, here it is, something that scares most of us: change. Change can be overwhelming and daunting, but it can also be exciting and liberating. It can be a source of anxiety and fear, but it can also be a source of growth and opportunity. Change can be unpredictable and difficult to manage, but it can also make room for self-growth and improvement. It is critical to remember that change is a natural part of life, and the right thing to do is to be open to the possibilities that it will bring.

The change will not happen overnight. It requires the three Ps to make it happen: patience, passion, and persistence. You having to step out of your comfort zone will not be an easy feeling, and acceptance should not be forced but be embraced gradually. And I understand that.

The first step towards change is to educate yourself about it and why it is so important. This will give you a better understanding of why change is required and how you can contribute to it. You can take action once you have a better understanding of the change you seek. It is also necessary to be patient, as change does not happen instantly. There will moments that will test you, and it is important to stick to your goals and keep moving forward. To be successful, you may need to change your strategy. In 2023, I have something wonderful just for you. A free three-part webinar series that will make you view change as something beautiful and amazing. I cannot wait to share it with you and help you navigate change in your life. Sign up HERE if you want to join me!

Change is difficult, but it is possible if you put your heart and soul into it.

5. Move Forward with Grace and Guidance

In 2023, we should move forward with grace and guidance. I know that there are still women out there that, despite their accomplishments, are still anxious and confused about their lives, whether it is personal or career; I am here for you. I know that there are struggles, and that is normal. I talk more about finding the balance between these ideals in my first book, Between Grit and Grace.

Now, I want to be clear. I will be here to help you get back in to focus on building a better future for yourself. I often say that the world should be compassionate and supportive of one another and have patience and understanding for those who are struggling. We should be an instrument to strive for progress and growth by nurturing our relationships and creating deep connections with those around us. I believe that a strong woman should use her collective knowledge, resources, and creativity to develop innovative solutions for those who need help.

Face the brand-new year with grace and guidance, as these may go hand in hand and are essential in providing us with the support and direction we need during difficult times. Grace provides us the strength to forgive ourselves and others, while guidance can help us make the right decisions, stay on track and reach our goals. Both can give us a sense of peace and comfort in times of uncertainty.

Let me start by giving a golden piece of advice - take things one step at a time. Do not be ashamed if you are currently experiencing confusion along the way. There is nothing wrong with seeking some guidance. One of the best ways to get started and experience radical growth is through coaching.

Please take some time to reflect on your situation and assess what you can do to improve your life. Ask yourself what are the things that are holding you back, and what are the possible ways you overcome them? Then, start making small changes. Start with small, realistic, and achievable goals and work your way up. In this journey, patience is the key and makes no room for expectations. Focus on what you can do today that will help you become better. As I will always say, do not be afraid to share your feelings and ask for help. It’s okay not to be okay. Your feelings are valid, and there is no shame in asking for help or guidance.

In 2023, You Thrive

I want to take this time to say congratulations on all that you have accomplished, and I am sure that you will continue to make great progress in the brand-new year. I am so proud of you, and I am excited to see what the year 2023 holds for you.

Face the brand-new year with a blank new slate and continue to create your masterpiece as each day goes by. In 2023, I want you to thrive. I know that The Brave Balance CME Master Class will help you set your new boundaries, let go of all feelings of deflection and confusion, and will bring out the better version of yourself through grace and guidance.

May the coming year bring you moments of joy, growth, and change! Now, let me ask you: How will 2023 look different for you?

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