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5 Things Women Must Let Go in 2023 Using the “OUTLIST” Strategy

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As the year approaches its inevitable conclusion, I find myself in a state of reflection that goes beyond mere nostalgia or celebration. It is a profound pause—a moment when I step back from the hustle and bustle of life to peer into the vast expanse of possibilities that await in the days and months to come. This time of year, the in-between phase where we are leaving behind what has been and gearing up for what is coming, means a lot to me personally. 

This is not just about a matter of flipping a calendar page; it is a chance to take inventory of the journey that this year has been. Remember those resolutions, goals, and promises I made to myself way back in January when everything felt fresh and new? Well, it is time to shine a spotlight on them.  

Did I stick to those commitments I made for my growth and well-being?  

What big achievements did I hit, and what hurdles did I face head-on?  

You know, looking back on the year at this time isn't just some surface-level thing; for me, it is having a heart-to-heart with my goals and hopes. I get to rewind all the happenings of the past months and check out all the highlights, the curveballs, and even the bumps in the road. In those moments, I find these hidden gems—lessons that have shaped how I see things, made me tougher, and brought me a step closer to becoming the person I have always wanted to be. 

The Perfect Time 

Sure, this season is the time for pumpkin spice lattes, cozy sweaters, and the anticipation of holidays around the corner. But it is also the perfect time to embrace the art of letting go. You see, as the leaves change colors and gently fall from the trees, October offers us a natural reminder that sometimes, to make room for new growth and opportunities, we need to release the old, just like those leaves gracefully letting go of their branches. 

Think about it – those leaves have served their purpose throughout the spring and summer, soaking up sunlight and nourishing the tree. But as autumn arrives, they acknowledge that their time is done, and they surrender to the wind, making way for fresh growth in the seasons ahead. 

Similarly, in our own lives, we often hold onto things that have outlived their usefulness – whether it is physical possessions, outdated beliefs, or even relationships that no longer serve us. October is a powerful reminder that letting go can be a beautiful and necessary process. Just as the trees shed their leaves to conserve energy for the colder months, we can shed what no longer serves us to make space for personal growth, new experiences, and a sense of inner peace. 

Before diving headfirst into the art of letting go, take a moment to find your center. Trust me, I've been down this road, and I've learned that I make the best decisions when I am feeling relaxed and grounded. So, if you are searching for a straightforward way to shed stress and get yourself in the right frame of mind before tackling those things, you are ready to release, I've got something for you – my FREE destress toolkit.  It is a collection of techniques and exercises that have been my trusted companions on this journey. So, go ahead and give it a try. 

5 Things to Let Go 

In my journey, both as a woman and a professional, I have discovered that there are certain things we should consider relinquishing to truly thrive. These are not just physical possessions; they can be beliefs, habits, or thought patterns that no longer serve us. This realization has been a pivotal part of my growth. I have come to understand that simplifying life is not just about cleaning out the closet or tidying up the workspace (although those things certainly help!). It is about freeing ourselves from the invisible chains that weigh us down, the mental clutter that clouds our vision, and the emotional baggage that restricts our flight. 

This year, in my newest course, RISE: Mastermind, we are diving deep into strategies for letting go and embracing a more fulfilling life. Through this course, I aim to empower women to live authentically and cultivate a greater sense of inner peace and happiness. Through RISE, you will gain the tools needed to break free from limiting beliefs and societal expectations. Together, we will create a supportive community where women can share their experiences, learn from one another, and build lasting connections. Ultimately, my goal is to help women tap into their true potential and create a life that aligns with their values and passions, a transformation that will be there permanently. 

Now, I want to share five things every woman should let go of in 2023, and introduce you to the concept of the OUTLIST – a powerful tool to help you declutter your life and make space for what truly matters. You know, it is not easy to let go of things we have carried for so long. These are the chains that keep us tethered to the ground when we should be soaring in the skies. So now, take the opportunity to let go of all these: 

1. Perfectionism 

Perfectionism has been a heavy load on my shoulders for far too long. It is that constant pressure to be flawless in every single aspect of life, the fear of making mistakes, and the crippling anxiety that accompanies it. I have learned that it might seem like a noble pursuit, but it often leads to exhaustion and an inability to appreciate the beauty of the journey itself. 

The OUTLIST Strategy: I have written down all the areas in my life where perfectionism is holding me back. It is not just in my work; it is in my personal goals, parenting, and even the way I approach hobbies. Now, I am learning to acknowledge that it is okay not to be perfect. I am focusing on progress, not perfection, and it is liberating. 

2. Self-Doubt 

Self-doubt has been my silent saboteur for far too long. It is that nagging voice in my head that tells me I am not good enough, smart enough, or capable enough. It hindered me from taking risks, pursuing my dreams, and embracing my true potential. 

The OUTLIST Strategy: have jotted down countless instances where self-doubt has stopped me from doing things I truly wanted to do. But now, I am challenging those thoughts. I have started collecting evidence to prove those doubting voices wrong.  

3. Excessive Busyness 

In a world that often celebrates busyness, I found myself caught in a never-ending cycle of overcommitment and overwhelm. Juggling countless tasks left me feeling drained and disconnected from what truly matters. 

The OUTLIST Strategy: I have listed the activities, commitments, and tasks that no longer align with my priorities. I am learning to say no more often, delegating when possible, and reclaiming my time for activities that genuinely bring joy and fulfillment. 

4. Toxic Relationships 

Toxic relationships, be it with friends, family members, or colleagues, have been energy vampires in my life. I held onto them, hoping things would change, but it only prolonged the pain and halted my personal growth. 

The OUTLIST Strategy: I have written down the relationships that I now consider toxic on my OUTLIST. It was a tough step, but it is essential for my well-being. I am slowly learning to set boundaries and, when necessary, distance myself from those individuals who drain my energy. 

Finding true friendships or a community that truly gets you can be a real challenge in today's fast-paced world. But let me share something personal – those meaningful connections still exist. And I've got something special that can help you discover them – welcome to The Table 

I've been on a quest for authentic connections myself, and I know how it feels to long for a place where you can truly be yourself, where your ideas and experiences are not just heard but celebrated. That's why I've this community, a space where women like you and me can come together, connect, and share our journeys. So, if you've been searching for that community of genuine connections, The Table is where you belong. It is a reminder that even in our fast-paced world, meaningful friendships and supportive communities are still out there. 

5. Overthinking 

Overthinking has often been a never-ending loop in my mind. I'd analyze every situation, past, present, and future, which led to anxiety and indecision. It was challenging to fully engage in the present moment. 

The OUTLIST Strategy: I have pinpointed situations where overthinking tends to take over. It is not easy, but I'm practicing mindfulness and meditation to become more present and to let go of excessive rumination. 

Now that we have delved into these five things every woman should let go of in 2023, let's go deeper into the OUTLIST strategy. It is not just about decluttering our physical spaces; it is about decluttering our lives to make room for joy, growth, and abundance. 

If you're eager to delve deeper into the art of letting go and uncover those things that are ready to be released, I've got a personal recommendation for you – subscribe to my podcast. You see, my journey of letting go has been a profound one, filled with moments of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. I've poured my heart and soul into this podcast to share not only what I've learned but also the stories and insights of others who have embarked on their own letting-go journeys. So, if you're curious about the things you might need to let go of or simply looking for inspiration, hit that subscribe button. 

The OUTLIST Strategy: Doing Less to Gain More 

Before you jump into this strategy, there is an important step that is often overlooked but incredibly valuable – setting your boundaries. Well, setting clear boundaries is your way of mapping out your path in life. It provides you with the guidelines you need to navigate through the twists and turns.  

I've learned from personal experience how crucial this step is. If you're finding it challenging to define your boundaries, I've got something for you – my book, Brave Boundaries. It is not just a book; it is a guide filled with tips, insights, and personal stories that can help you navigate life with confidence by recognizing and respecting your boundaries. When you set these boundaries and stick to them, you are not just creating a roadmap for a balanced life; you are also reinforcing the idea that letting go is worth it.  

Let's dive deeper into the “outlist” strategy—a game-changer when it comes to simplifying your life and making room for what truly matters. This is a tool that I have personally found incredibly valuable in decluttering my life, both mentally and emotionally. It is like taking inventory of your world to identify what is holding you back and then making a plan to let go. 

1. Reflecting on What Needs to Go 

So, picture me a while back, juggling a busy career, a heap of responsibilities, and a mind full of clutter. I realized I needed change. That's when I started my OUTLIST journey. I reflected on every nook and cranny of my life. It wasn't just about cleaning out my closet; it was about cleaning out my mind. I asked myself, "What no longer serves me?" It could be that self-doubt that always held me back or even the material things I held onto for no reason. 

2. Writing it Down 

I grabbed a notebook and wrote down everything that popped into my head. From old clothes I never wore to negative thoughts that haunted me, I put it all down. This is like clearing out a dusty attic, but in this case, it is my mental attic. And let me tell you, it felt liberating just to acknowledge these things. 

3. Assessing the Impact 

Then came the tough part. I had to assess each item on my list. How was it affecting my life? Did it lift me or drag me down? Some items were like anchors, holding me back from progress. Others were just clutter, taking up valuable space in my life. 

4. Prioritizing for Release 

I highlighted the items on my OUTLIST that were the real troublemakers. These were the things I was most ready to part with. It is like setting aside the clothes you are going to donate first. These were the thoughts, habits, or belongings that needed to go pronto. 

5. Planning the Great Release 

Now, here's where the magic happens. I devised a plan for each item on my OUTLIST. For material possessions, I started decluttering my physical space, one drawer at a time. For emotional baggage, I take my time to work through those tangled feelings. For destructive thought patterns, I practiced mindfulness to let go of them, like releasing a balloon into the sky. 

6. Taking Baby Steps 

It is crucial not to rush. I started with small steps, tackling one area of my life at a time. It is like cleaning your room – you do not have to do it all in one day. By beginning with manageable chunks, I built up momentum. 

7. Celebrating Progress 

Most importantly, I celebrated my victories along the way. Every time I let go of something, whether it was an old pair of jeans or a limiting belief, I gave myself a pat on the back. Recognizing my progress made the journey enjoyable and motivating. 

When you're diving into the OUTLIST strategy on your journey of letting go, one thing becomes crystal clear – it requires time and dedication. I've been right where you are, balancing the demands of everyday life while trying to navigate the path of letting go. It can feel like a juggling act, and sometimes, we struggle to find that precious time to reflect, assess, and prioritize what we are ready to release. That's why I developed this Time Management course 

This course is more than just a collection of time-saving hacks; it is a personalized guide tailored to help you carve out dedicated moments for your OUTLIST journey. Whether it's decluttering your physical space, working through emotional baggage, or breaking free from negative thought patterns, this course ensures that you have the time and structure to do it effectively. 

It Will Be Worth It 

Oh, believe me, I have been in that exact space where you are torn between holding on and letting go. It is a tricky place to be, filled with confusion and a tinge of sentimentality. You cannot help but wonder if you are tossing away a piece of yourself in the process. And let me tell you, I have asked myself a thousand times if it's truly worth it to let go of these things. 

But here's the thing: letting go is like making space for new adventures and opportunities. I have found that when I finally mustered the courage to release those old thoughts, habits, or belongings, it opened doors to unexpected joys and experiences. 

Sure, it can be hard at first, and there might be moments of doubt. But as you start to see the positive changes in your life – the newfound clarity, the reduced stress, the freedom to pursue what truly matters – you will realize that letting go is more than worth it.  

So, if you're ready to embark on this liberating journey of letting go, consider joining me at the BE24 Winter Retreat REVIVE. It is a space where you can explore, learn, and grow with like-minded women who are also on a quest of letting go and finding inner peace. 

The next time you caught yourself standing at that crossroads, do not be afraid to choose the path of letting go. You might just be amazed at the incredible things that await you. 

Now, sister, breathe and let it all go. 

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